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0CK overhaul A-OHK-0CK and sub kits as well many new and used parts are available now.

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now in stock - angle drives / transfer cases 0A6 - VAA450 to fit for Tiguan and Sharan

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NOW AVAILABLE: Front Cover for Getrag 6DCT451 (successor of 6DCT450/MPS6)

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Genuine, factory new solenoid-kits for &DCT450, MPS6 are now available

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Getrag GS6 transmission parts for Mini Cooper 6-speed manual transmission are now available - check our webpage for transmission type GS6

Volvo 8-speed automatic transmission - check our webshop for transmission TG81SC

Mercedes 9-speed automatic transmission 722.50 - our overhaul kit does not contain the rear flange seals anymore. As only one flange seal is necessary per transmission, we decided now not to put this oil seal into our AUTOLINE overhaul kit A-OHK-725.0. Please order the required flange seal separately. This keeps costs down and helps the environment.

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