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CENTERPARTS in Syke, our workshop for parts recovery

In our workshop in Syke, we dismantle used and new gearboxes, axle drives/differentials, distributors/angle gearboxes into their individual parts and offer these in various quality levels.

As it is becoming increasingly difficult these days to obtain suitable and reliable OE information on the components, our workshop not only dismantles transmissions to recover
spare parts, but also to find out which seals, bearings and other wear parts we need to keep in stock.

Our findings from the gearbox studies at centerparts are made available to you. We make comparisons and point out differences in components, to make it easier for you to find
the right spare part from us.

Centerparts-Team (used parts recovery)

Mrs. Annette Kempf (Manager)
Mr. Wolfgang Gastiger (Workshop Manager, Parts Recovery, Technical Service)
Mr. Heiko West (Parts Recovery)


Tel.: +49-4242-655 8120
E-Mail: centerparts@newco-autoline.de
Fax: +49-4242-655 8424

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