Artículo No.: TO-ABR-8HP45-B (Viejo No.: TO-ABR-8HP45-B)

A-Brake, complete

en depósito
tipo de calidad: Take Out from New Transmission

complete A-Brake with

4 steel-outer discs (approx.1,8 mm - 27 teeth)
4 friction inner discs (approx 1,6 mm - 24 teeth)
1 end disc
1 aluminium piston, number on part 1090 470 006 (casting number)
1 cup spring
1 wave spring
1 circlip (optional - please check required thickness before installation)
1 ring (2 halves)

sun gear shaft / hub - order separately - our ref. ABH-8HP45 - other items are also availble, please submit inquiry

taken out from a new transmission - no warranty - can be ordered only if in stock - subject unsold.

Various executions of A-Brake are available for 8HP45 transmissions - PLEASE CHECK CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLATION. WE WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE INSTALLATION OF A WRONG SPARE PART/COMPONENT. You may identify the difference by the number of discs.


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8HP45, 8HP45HIS, 8HP45X, 8HP45XHIS

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