Artículo No.: A-PIK-0B5-A (Viejo No.: A-PIK-0B5-A)

kit de pistones transmission

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tipo de calidad: Autoline

This kit contains the C1 and C2 metal rubber bonded pistons to fit for Mutliclutch 0B5 141 030 E and 0B5 141 030 G

Both pistons are available as single items, too.

THE C2-PISTON DOES NOT FIT FOR MULTICLUTCH 0B5 141 030 F !!!! The corresponding C2 piston for 0B5 141 030 F is under development - our part no. will be A-PIS-0B5-C2-B

for the deinstallation/disassmbly of the C1 piston you will need a special tool as otherwise you may damage the multi clutch. You can buy this from us, our ref. A-TOK-0B5. This special tool kit does not only allow the secure dismantling of the C1 piston but is used during the whole disassembly of an 0B5 transmission. Users manual is supplied with the tool kit.

multi clutch - C1, C2

Candidad por transmisión

0B5, DCT, S-tronic, DL501 - 7Q

Artículo adicional (solicite por separado)
A-SUK-0B5-DC - seals for multi clutch
A-SUK-0B5-FC - seals for front cover
O-FDK-0B5 - friction disc kit
O-SDK-0B5 - steel disc kit
A-OHK-0B5 - complete overhaul kit
A-OFL-0B5 - internal oil filter
A-OFC-0B5-EX - external oil filter cartridge

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