Part No.: A-OTS-0BH/0BT (Old no.: A-OTS-0BH/0BT)

oil tube set

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Brand: Autoline
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8 pressure oil pipes which have to be removed to separate main and clutch housing. These tubes are easily damaged during dismantling.

2x corr. to 0BH 321 477
2x corr. to 0BH 321 477 A
3x corr. to 0BH 321 477 C
1x corr. to 0BH 321 477 D
1x sub kit A-SUK-0BH-OT with 18 o-rings for the oil pipes (different diameters)

These products have been produced exclusively for AUTOLINE.

not included are the two tubes which are fixed in the valve body - they can be removed only if the valve body will be disassembled. These two tubes are normally not damaged during repair. The o-rings are part of the sub-kit mentioned above.

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