Part No.: U3-DRS-01J-B (Old no.: U3-DRS-01J-B)

drive shaft

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complete drive shaft/input drum/clutch : small gear 28 teeth, no marks, big gear 48 teeth, 1+1+1 marks

used part - quality: signs of use, item might need some work on it - can be ordered only if in stock - subject unsold

If bearings, bushings, seals, gaskets and washers are supplied they are f.o.c. as they might need to be changed - missing or damaged items of this kind will not be replaced by us.

All used parts are sold with no warranty

there are different drive shafts available for this transmission - please check carefully which one you need - we do not have info yet about all the differences. WE WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE INSTALLATION OF A WRONG SPARE PART/COMPONENT.

The design of the flange cover is different and the number of teeth and marks on the gears are different. We did not open the drive shafts - therefore we do not know about internal differences.

known are, availability for items which are not in our stock has to be clarified before order:

0AW 323 911 A - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-A small gear has 28 teeth, no marks - big gear has 48 teeth - 3 marks
0AW 323 911 B - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-B
0AW 323 911 C - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-C
0AW 323 911 AA - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-AA - small gear has 29 teeth, 2 marks - big gear has 46 teeth - 4 marks
0AW 323 911 AB - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-AB
0AW 323 911 AC - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-AC
0AW 323 911 AF - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-AF
0AW 323 911 AJ - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-AJ
0AW 323 911 AP - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-AP
0AW 323 911 AQ - our ref. G-DRS-0AW-AQ

Despite the part number starts with 0AW some might fit only for 01J and 0AN applications. For a more complete list of CVT drive shafts, see our product info: "IDS-CVT-Drive shafts"

The drive shaft contains the forward and reverse clutch.

Location / Function
drive shaft

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01J, CVT

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