Part No.: O-LLF-2701-50ml (Old no.: O-LLF-2701-50ml)

liquid locking fluid

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Brand: Loctite
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Loctite 2701 - 50 ml

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10 ml - our ref. O-LLF-2701-10ml

High strength, low viscosity, green, methacrylate-based threadlocking adhesive which fluoresces under UV light to allow monitoring.
LOCTITE 2701 is a green, low viscosity, methacrylate-based threadlocking adhesive with high strength, especially for chromated surfaces. Steel fixture time of 10 min, brass 4 min and stainless steel 25 min. Tolerates slight contaminations of industrial oils. Suitable for all metal fasteners. Fluoresces under UV light.

Your benefits
High strength, especially for chromated surfaces
Low viscosity
Fluoresces to allow quality control and inspection
Prevents unwanted movement, loosening, leaks and corrosion
Resists vibration
Seals threads - allows through-hole tapping

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transmissions, engines, rear axle drives, front axle drives, transfer cases etc.

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