Part No.: G-Lifeguard 8-1L (Old no.: G-Lifeguard 8-1L)

ATF- automatic transmission fluid

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Brand: Genuine
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1-litre bottle Lifeguard 8 for most 8HP car applications

exemptions and exclusions:

6HP19A - depending on Stueckliste
6HP19X - for Audi Q7,
6HP26A61 - for vehicles with Audi W12-Motor
not for 8HP65APH, 8P75PH, 8P75X

fo all these and all of 9HP applications use Lifeguard 9 -our ref. G-Lifeguard 9-1L

Quantity per Transmission
as required

6HP19A, 6HP19X, 6HP26A61, 6HP28AF, 8HP45, 8HP45X, 8HP45 HIS, 8HP45X HIS 8HP50, 8HP50 HIS, 8HP50X, 8HP50X HIS; 8HP55A, 8HP55A HIS, 8HP55FL, 8HP55FL HIS, 8P55AH, 8P55FLH, 8HP65A, 8HP70, 8HP70 HIS, 8HP70X HIS, 8HP70L, 8HP70X, 8HP75, 8HP75X, 8HP75X HIS, 8HP90, 8HP90A , 8HP90X, 8HP90A HIS, 8HP90A74

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