Part No.: A-SUK-6HP19/21-DP (Old no.: A-SUK-6HP19/21-DP)

sub kit, D-brake piston

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Brand: Autoline
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the transmission manufacturer supplies the piston without o-rings - this kit contains 3 o-rings for the D-brake-Piston

also available as single items:
1x large outer o-ring A-ORG-108684
1x small inner o-ring A-ORG-108819
1x medium inner o-ring A-ORG-76546

the o-ring for the cylinder is available as single item, our ref. A-ORG-123934

Location / Function
D-brake Piston

Quantity per Transmission

6HP19, 6HP19A, 6HP19AV, 6HP19X, 6HP21, 6HP21X

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