Part No.: A-OHK-0B5 (Old no.: A-OHK-0B5)

overhaul kit without pistons

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Brand: Autoline
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This AUTOLINE overhaul kit contains most available seals and gaskets and 2 sensor wheels.

Not included but partially available as separate items are:
seal-ring for sensor plug - available, our ref. G-RSL-0B5-WH
axle seals - please see note below
solenoid seals - not yet available - in production, will be added as soon as possible
seal rings for connector plug - not yet available - in production, will be added as soon as possible
further seals inside the Mechatronic - not yet available - in production, will be added as soon as possible

There are 2-3 different axle seals available for each side of the axle drive, that is the reason why we did not put them into the overhaul kit. The axle seal kits are available as separate kits.
check carefully which one one you need - we do not know if they are interchangeable. This is also the reason why we did not put the axle shaft seals into our 0AW or 0B5 overhaul kit.

Axle seal kits
O-OSK-0AW - contains 2 oil seals for 0AW axle drive (12-2012 up)
O-OSK-0B4 - contains 2 oil seals for 0B4 axle drive (upto 12/2012)
O-OSK-0B4-1 - not yet available - we are not sure for which applications this kit should fit. As soon as we have concluded our research we will publish the info.


Apart from external sealing components which are included in our overhaul kits, we do generally not include internal Mechatronic/Valve body parts (like check balls, screens, o-rings) into our overhaul kits as only some specialized workshops might work on the internal side of the Mechatronic. However, wherever possible, we do provide a separate Mechtronic/Valve Body kit, which can be ordered separately. This strategy helps to keep our prices low and save unwanted parts from being wasted.

Location / Function

Quantity per Transmission

0B5, DCT, S-tronic, DL501 - 7Q

Additional items (Please order separately)
A-PIK-0B5-A - piston kit to fit for multiclutch 0B5 141 030 E and 0B5 141 030 F
O-FDK-0B5 - friction disc kit
O-SDK-0B5 - steel disc kit
A-OFL-0B5 - internal oil filter
A-OFC-0B5-EX - external oil filter cartridge

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