Part No.: A-MTK-0AM (Old no.: A-SUK-0AM-MT)

overhaul kit, mechatronik

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Brand: Autoline
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Autoline overhaul kit for Mechatronik / Hydraulic unit for 0AM 7speed dry clutch DCT

contains all available seals, gaskets and the oil filter:

1x o-ring for hydraulic pressure sensor (original is green - our o-ring is black of similar material - the colour of the o-ring has no influence on the function)
1x sub kit with seals for clutch actuators
1x sub kit with bellows, seals and o-rings for the gear selectors
1x sub kit with rubber gaskets for the electric plate
1x sub kit with check balls
1x sub kit with seal washers, aluminium and copper
1x sub kit with hydraulic pump seals
1x sub kit with solenoid o-rings
1x cover gasket
1x metal gasket as separator plate
2x metal gaskets at solenoid connectors
1x outer o-ring on pressure accumulator
1x oil filter

not included:
1x rubber gasket for wiring harness (will not be added, because the wiring harness is soldered to the electric plate)
inside seals for pressure accumulator - (maybe added later)

Our earlier part number A-SUK-0AM-MT is exactly identical with this kit, the new number had AUTOLINE internal logistic reasons only.

ATTENTION ! Not all components of this kit do fit for the successor-transmission 0CW. See our product Info "IDS-0AM/0CW-Mechatronic" for clarification.

Location / Function
mechatronik / hydraulic unit

Quantity per Transmission

0AM (DQ200) 7-speed DCT

Additional items (Please order separately)
A-MTC-0AM-A - Mechatronic cover

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